AMS Payroll Solutions

AMS Payroll Solutions LLC was established by Mike & Sharon Adcock to provide staff leasing services to Adock Construction Company. They thought that with the right people, they would be able to offer the type of service he wanted for his construction company to other small business owners.

With that idea, AMS Payroll Solutions LLC was born. Mike & Sharon looked for the right people with the right experience to give this new company direction.

Their Company and personnel are set up to provide the staff leasing ideals with the great customer service. While the busy small to medium business owner is working to build his company, he or she should not have to worry about keeping up with new payroll laws, health care changes, shop for benefits to attract quality workers, deal with paperwork related to workers' compensation claims, or attend unemployment hearing or all the other tasks that require additional office staff. AMS Payroll Solutions would like to provide the solutions for these time-consuming jobs.  

Our office can be reached Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST at (972) 564-1700 Our fax number is (972) 564-1703